martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

SHATW '15. The Aether Nomads, with Sally-Ann Livingston

During the first Steampunk Hands, we started a few international steampunk projects (me, too). Meeting new steampunk friends from all over the world with the same vision was very helpful.One of those projects, from the mind of Sally-Ann Livingston, is The Aether Nomad Project.You can read my first contact with the Project, here (in English and Spanish):
Here is another interview, about the Project (in English and Spanish, too):
The project began this time last year and there are are currently three admin and 46 members from UK, France, The Netherlands, Spain,Canada,Belgium and the USA.Here is a new interview with Sally-Ann Livingston…

So, how the project has grown or evolved since last year?
It has been born! We are still tweaking the story foundation but we now have a public page as well as the private creator's group on Facebook, we're planning a dedicated blog and various creations have come about because of it, such as a spiced mocha hot chocolate and a moroccan style green tea blend, both by UK based Etsy shops. There have been some stories written by members in Spain, Canada, UK and France. The artist Jennie Gyllblad has provided our signature illustration and a piece called 'Rust Flower' has been painted on canvas. Illustrations of two central characters have been created by another UK artist and some members have created cosplay/Live Roleplay costumes, inspired by this project.
Have you participate in conventions or events with this project?
Personally, I attended Weekend at the Asylum in Lincoln last year, dressed in a costume with an Aether Nomad leaning (The Navigatrix is slowly going native!). Excitingly, Catherine Moon attended a Dutch event dressed as her pivotal character, The Mother of Rhuk. If you see a feather mohican, that just might be her! Other members have also attended events as Aether Nomad characters.
How do you feel about the project right now?
I am very excited to see what happens next. I am especially keen to see what Al Kymaris comes up with next (there is a plan in the pipeline). He helped to co-write Tales of the Navigatrix part 1 last year and has such a passion and commitment to the project, as does our fellow admin Catherine Moon. I feel truly blessed to have such warm, creative, inspiring friends to work with and I hope that one day we can all meet face to face! In the meantime, thank goodness for the internet and Skype!
New ideas for the future?
I look forward to greeting new members and to continue to develop the idea. It has grown out from being an offshoot of my shop to something that is its own creature, dare I say it, a newborn sub-culture within the genre of Steampunk.
We are intending to organise the group a little more and would like to invite members from different countries to become local ambassadors, essentially creating tribes within the Tribe.
I dream of there being Aether Nomad stage performances, groups of friends attending events as 'AN' characters, Steampunk music with a tribal twist, lots more art and photographs as well as a Team on Etsy for people to create Aether Nomad inspired items for sale - though I must stress that as an art project, this goes beyond creation for commercial purpose. Oh…and I'd love to see a graphic novel come out of this!
To be an Aether Nomad, all you need is passion, the courage to be a bit different and the drive to create something. The Project merely provides a background, inspiration and a co-creative support network.