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Mostrando entradas de junio 2, 2014

The Aether Nomads Project

When I met and interviewed Sally-Ann Livingston aka 'The Navigatrix' in February she talked about this new project called the Aether Nomads. (It was in the Steampunk Hands. It’s a long story. If you want to know more visit: As she said, it was born from combining her latest LRP character with Steampunk Multiculturalism. There are a growing number of people interested in expressing Steampunk from a non-Western viewpoint. Anthologies such as “Shanghai Steam” or “Steampunk World” are good examples of that. And I’m very interested, too. So, I asked her for more information about it. She is currently working on the Aether Nomad Project; she said "It is a whole fictitious, Airship-based nomadic culture…"  She and 'Heyk Al-Khemeti' have created the Facebook Group called Aether Nomads to develop ideas for new characters, costumes and stories; and share some inspiration and music. As a w…