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Steampunk Hands Around The World IX. Jewellery

   —First comes first. Would you introduce yourselves?    Irene López (IL): We are José Francisco Alfaya and Irene López and, as promoters of Decimononic, we have been active in the international Steampunk scene for some years now.

   Sally-Ann Livingston (SL): I am a 39 year old, married mum of one. I first became aware of Steampunk as a genre in itself about three years ago. I love fantasy and science-fiction and have been a Live Roleplayer for about 20 years, so discovering Steampunk felt like a natural expansion of my experience of storytelling.
   Malcolm Sinclair (MS): My name is Malcolm Sinclair. I am the creator of Steamretro, Gothic & Steampunk Emporium. I am craftsman, and I work making my steampunk art and promoting it in Internet. In the weekend, we enjoy traveling Europe with our traveler emporium; we will be near of you, soon.
—What is Steampunk for you, how did you discover it? How do you develop it yourselves?    IL: We love Dr. Mike Perschon’s definition of Steampunk a…