Steampunk Hands Around The World XII. Parting Glass

febrero 28, 2014

February 28. This is the last day of our 'Steampunk Hands' project and it is time to look back and see what we have done.

When I think of this month, the first and main feeling is joy. Even when we created this idea to spread the word and contact to everyone, I feel that we, the 'Hands', are a bunch of people joined as a new international crew, commanded by Kevin Steil.
February is ending and the Steampunk Hands is over; but this group remains and we will be in contact in March, April, May... And, nobody knows what we are capable to do, together.
On my own part, I got to say that I am preparing on or two new things for this year. Yes, projects that could not be possible without these international connections. 

Of course, I met new people these days from all over the world and I made contact with amazing people with fascinating stories from all over the world, from a lot of cultures and from a lot of different points of view of what Steampunk is… and how the world is. I feel that these connections had enriched me as a person, writer and Steampunk.
With my series of interviews I knew better about Victor Sierra, Decimononic, Duendelirium, Marcus, Kevin… and I am very glad I met and talked with renowned Steampunk people. I feel a lot of admiration for some of them since years ago but I have never met before. Besides, I met a lot of new artists, makers, musicians, writers…
Diana Pho, Suna Dasi, Sarah Hans, Lukáš Z. Herma, Arthur Morgan, Lynne Lumsden Green, Anais Noir, Dale Rowles, Malcolm Steamretro, Sally-Ann Livingston, AyraLeona de Loryva, Utelo Arpenteur de l'Infini, Raydeen Graffam, Petra Slováková, César Ravello, James Ng, Tom and Nimue Brown, Khaalidah, Lee A. Farruga and more and more… be sure that I learnt  from all of you. Thank you all!

Well, February 28. This is the last day of our 'Steampunk Hands' project and, maybe, it is time to parting glass. But this is not the last day of joining hands together.

Good night, world.
Good night and joy be with you all.

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2 comentarios

  1. I love your blog, and I look forward to continuing to visit! "Hands" has allowed me to connect with all of my fellow steampunks, no matter how far away they are.

    It has been such an incredible experience.

    1. Agree! It was glad to meet you all and know about the other side of the world.