Steampunk Hands Around The World VII. 50% completed

febrero 17, 2014

My German, writer, Cthulu mythos expert, Steampunk, traveler, Travelerd and friend Marcus R. Gilman (oh, my... he's a lot of things) wrote a review of what we achieved with Steampunk Hands now that the project is half way through:

While I was reading, I was thinking that I feel the same as him about it and that my blog must do it, too. And, at the end of the post I saw this:

And as a friend of mine said:

Now i know, why it is “Steampunk Hands AROUND THE WORLD”: After 14 days, i had visitors from 23 countrys and four continents …

It happens to me, too. So, after reading that, I said: "I must see my statistics and write about it too."

Well, here is it:

  • The blog received 2.878 visits this month from
    • 1st. Spain. More than a thousand visits. Well, of course
    • 2nd. USA. More than 800 visits. It's glad to see that the new language of the blog (and my English lessons) are useful
    • 3rd. Germany. More than 100 visits

And the rest of the visits came from France, Mexico, UK, Canada, Argentina, Ukraine (I can't explain it, but I like it...) and Chile.

I'm very proud to see that our article about multicultural Steampunk (with Diana, Suna and Sarah) has received 280 visits in the last ten days; and the interview with Kevin, more than 200 visitis.
The interviews with Marcus and Spanish people get more than a hundred readers each one. And I hope the rest of the Steampunk Hands post, more recent than this other posts, will receive hundreds of visits too.

Well, it seems that this horrible map at the left is my personal Steampunk Hands map, but that's not true. It happened a lot of better things this month that blogger can't count in numbers.

In these days, I met a lot of new Steampunks, arthist and, first of all, good people from... ok, from "around the world"; from all over the world.
I'm sure that if I try to remember I'm going to forget some names. So, it's better say that I made contact with France, Czech Republic, UK, USA (Florida, NY, Hawaii...), Central and South America (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Chile...), South Africa, Australia, Russia... ¡even Iceland!
I must say that I learned a couple of things of Steampunk, people and the world. And I must say that the first thing that I learned is that we are all the same people, we thing the same ideas and we got the same vission of what Steampunk is.
This is Steampunk.
This is Steampunk Hands joined around the world.

So, my personal Steampunk Hand map is the same that use the rest of my friends. This is it:

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