Dramatis Personae - The Clockwork Dolls

marzo 28, 2011

A few days ago, on MySpace, I found a group that called my attention. It was a steampunk group named Vernian Process. I like it because all the music they offer is related to a story, just like a OST. I don´t like all their songs, but thanks to this group I have found out there are other bands that follow the same procedure. And now I’m going to write about The Clockwork Dolls. The Clockwork Dolls, offer all their music on MySpace where you can download it from Baltimore (Maryland, USA). I soon changed my mp3 for the cd that they made with The Gilded Aged Records. It´s called Dramatis Personae, and all the songs have a common thread.This is the tracklist:

    1. Maiden Voyage

    2. Blades in Autumn

    3. The Ballad of Jack Jezebel

    4. No Guns Allowed in My Bar

    5. Impartial (The Battle)

    6. The Iron Rose

    7. The Clockwork Maid

    8. A Safe Rest

According to the cover, Dramatis Personae refers to the cast of a play, and the characters of this work are:

    • The Clockwork Dolls are a fearsome pirates, that travel across the skies and assault anyone who crosses their paths.

    • Helene de Fer, daughter of a Duke, escaped from a loveless arranged marriage to become the leader of a band of crooks.

    • Allison Curval, a one-of-a-kind android, she defied her programming to follow her mistress, and best friend, into a life of adventure.

    • Cedric Mayne, brave, but unstable, broke a promise to his country in order to keep the one he made to his friend from childhood.

A noble woman, an android, and a warrior, brought together by their love for one another and for freedom. Together, they pilot an experimental airship, the Dame de Fer, through the wild, impartial skies.What more can I say? This is an epic steampunk fantasy story that I wish I could read as a novel while I listen to this great and beautiful OST. There´s already a precedent with the The Clockwork Heart. I hope somebody meets my challenge!

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